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‎25 years ago, back in 1991, my late father Dušan Lukich published a book describing the events in the Tromedja area of the former Yugoslavia during WWII.

It was a massive project for him, but one he felt compelled to complete for, as he states in the book, the truth about events in the Tromedja area of the former Yugoslavia during WWII needed to be told. As important, he wanted to ensure that the names of those who suffered, fought and died during that time, in that part of the country, would be remembered for their sacrifice. Therefore, the book is not a story about him as much as it is an historical reference document and his contribution to the history of the Ravna Gora movement.

Druga Brigada is now available in English.
It is available as an eBook, and also available as a printed bound book. You can purchase the eBook at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Sony and other eBook distributors depending on your ereader...and you can order a printed copy at Amazon (US, and UK).

By translating this book, I hope that the truth will reach a larger audience.
I thank my late father Dušan (January 3, 1917 – November 27, 2006) for writing this book and I hope that those of you who read it will further appreciate the sacrifices of the Serbian people who lived through the horrors of the Ustasha and Communists. As well, I hope that you will have even greater respect for the Četnik fighters of Draža Mihailović - who bravely fought against all odds not for territorial gain or power, but rather so that the Serbian people – their nation, religion and customs - would not be wiped off the map in the Tromedja area of Lika and elsewhere.
Please click on the appropriate link below based on your eReader, or you can order a printed, bound book.