Evo Ide Evo Žuri

The song was released in the 1980’s by Milos Bojanić  (Lyrics by M. Tucaković and music by A. Radulović). 

I’ve always liked this song partly because of the switching between major and minor sections, and that the chorus has different text for each of the 3 verses (something a little different). 

Once again, we are dealing with problems of the heart (a recurring theme in Serbian music). 

The synopsis of the song is that time is quickly passing by (he’s reached 30 years of age!) and he feels that his miserable life promised him happiness but failed to deliver. His desolate life carries on and he still has not found his true love. He feels that he’s getting closer to the end of his life and he promises he will love his girl till the end of his days, but she cheated on him and formed a new “nest” with another.