Hvala Četnici Remix

This song is an original composition and is an improved remix of the original version released several years ago. 

It is a song of thanks to our Četniks who fought so bravely to defend their country from enemies on all sides. 

The lyrics translate thusly: 

Verse  1 

Cika Draža and his brave Četniks 

Evil was threatening from all sides 

Brave heroes who gave their hearts for justice 

For the salvation of their people 

Many lies have been told 

History was written by others 

They are still propagating these lies 

But the truth will win 



Thanks Četniks! 

For sacrificing your youth 

Mothers no long give birth 

To such heroes anymore 


Verse 2 

The war was over long ago 

Just a few survivors are left 

But Ravna Gora won't die 

Their legend is eternal, it will live forever 

Dear Četniks 

You heroically gave your lives 

For justice, for your people 

May your memory be eternal 


Verse 3 

Četniks still live through us 

Through their daughters and sons 

Our heart loudly pronounces “Only unity will save the Serbs!” 

There will never be heroes like these again