Kol'ko ima na livadi sena

This is a fun song about a guy who it seems (at least to him) is irresistible to women. 

He starts out by trying to count how many women he has kissed comparing it to how much wheat is in a field…but then provides a more realistic count amounting to about 29 women (I think this number is not relevant but the text he used to come up with that count fits the music well). 

He provides further detail in that he has kissed both girls and (married) women – he doesn’t care because they returned the favour. Once again, he has trouble remembering exactly how many of these he has kissed. 

He ends the song by further expounding on his exploits saying that indeed he has kissed more women that there is wheat in a field – both blondes and brunettes - and that they will never forget him. 

The chorus states that “fire can’t exist next to hay without igniting it; that fish won’t stay next to water and refuse to go into the water; and finally that he can’t be next to beautiful women and to not kiss them on the lips.” 

The “ha ha ha ha” parts should put the listener at ease that the singer is having fun recounting this tale of his. 

I asked my wife Olga to record the final words on the song: Jovane, pa baš si lud! 

Yours truly is playing/singing the role of our romeo.