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New Music!!!

Finally, I am pleased to start sharing some new music that has been in the works since before COVID. However, the only blessing from COVID was that it gave me lots of time to work on these tunes.

There is no CD to buy.

All music has been uploaded to your favourite music streaming platform - all the main ones like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer - and many others less popular in North America, but used elsewhere in the world.

Also, all the tunes have an accompanying lyric video on YouTube so if you look for my John Jovan Lukich YouTube page, you will find all of the videos there

 As a bonus, I recorded a video and accompanying music for a parody song called "Rakija Man"...Once you hear it, you will know what song it's based on.

 Here's the story of that song:

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places…perhaps a place, or a smell inspires you to think or do something without even being conscious of the underlying inspiration. In the case of Rakija Man, I believe that during a particular day, I was listening to some music, and no doubt must have listened to Elton John as well…because the next morning, I clearly remember the germ of an idea to do a parody of Rocket Man and call it Rakija Man – the idea literally came to me in my sleep. 

Following the melody and lyrics of the original song, I started thinking about how I could tell my fictional story about the “Rakija Man” – whose apparent main purpose in life is to brew Slivo for the village he lives in. 

The song basically tells his story of getting up at 5 am to light the fire under his still which is located somewhat away from his house as he laments that he’s lonely out there “under a starry morning light”. However, he reminds himself that soon he will be “high as a kite” as a reward for his labors. 

As the day progresses into late afternoon, his friends and all the town start to gather around with their jugs - lured no doubt by the “delicate fragrance” filling the air. 

The chorus of the song talks about the waiting he must do to get the Slivo to taste “just fine” and perhaps some lamenting in that he’s known to the villagers as the Rakija Man (a position of high esteem indeed) but at home, he’s nothing special – just a normal guy. 

However, all of this is soon forgotten as the villagers have arrived and the party has started…as the last line states “it’s time to drink for a long, long time”. Let the fun begin!


The video is located here (on Vimeo):

and the free downloadable track is below.