First a little geography lesson… 

The Miljacka is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina that passes through Sarajevo. Numerous city bridges have been built to cross it. The Miljacka is a rather small river, only 21 kilometers (13 mi) long. The Miljacka River flows from east to west in a general direction through the city. The Miljacka flows into the Bosna river at Sarajevo. The Bosna is a tributary of the Sava River. That river in turn flows into the Danube River, which goes southeast and enters the Black Sea from Romania. 

Against this backdrop, Halid Bešlić wrote this song about unrequited love…about him waiting to see the love of his life. She even told him that he was the only one for her…but then she went and found another. 

He is waiting for her every night to come into his life…spending each night alone as there can be no other woman for him. 

The chorus tries to rationalize his difficult situation by stating “who could have imagined that such a wonder took place - that the Miljacka River washed away all the bridges so that he couldn’t go to her - that he could not get to her street”.