Milorade Sta ti Je

This is a fun song about a fellow, Milorad, who is busily toiling away building his house. His friends and neighbors are concerned about him though, because he is working so much, and so hard that they are concerned that he will totally exhaust himself. Milorad knows that everyone is giving him advice to slow down and rest, even that he should take the time to join his friends for a drink or two in the local café (kafana). 

However, despite all the good intentions and advice, Milorad maintains his position and tells his good intentioned friends that he has to continue working to build his home because he has many problems that need his attention; there’s no money coming in so he’s having a hard time to find his way through these pressing issues. He continues to explain that he has worked his entire life to earn money to pay back his creditors and to pay his bills, and once he accomplishes that, then finally he will stop to rest his soul.