Nemogu Vise Ovako

Nemogu Više Ovako is another sad (and perhaps a little creepy) love song about a guy who cannot continue without his sweetheart. This one is somewhat poetic in the lyrics and loosely translated the song verse lyrics are: 

She is a wound on my soul

That raises me, then crashes me 

She breaks me, but she loves me 

When I’m suffering, and it hurts 

She is the fire in which I burn 

I may burn in her flames 

She is always, always with me 

In my heart, so I don’t freeze 

My soul is now scarred 

The nights of my youth are now dark 

Because of her I drank and broke many glasses 

Because of her I became a drunk 

And the chorus translates to: 

I cannot do this anymore 

I can't do this anymore, no how 

I'm wandering during the days, following her 

I dream of her at night 

I can't, I can't continue without her