Sta Ce Mi Zivot

I have always liked this song by the late Toma Zdravković. 

I wanted to learn this one for a long time, but it didn’t really fit into the style of Orchestra LIKA so it became obvious that if I wanted to learn this song, that I would have to do it on my own. 

Since I went to that effort, it seemed reasonable that I should record it as part of my solo project. 

The music sounds sad, and the lyrics certainly are as once again our protagonist is lamenting about this girl who has gone away. We don’t know the circumstances as to why she is no longer with him - but obviously her not being with him has hit him hard. 

As the song title suggests, he has lost the will to live without her. He does not desire to find another love rather he keeps dreaming of her almost every night and that she resides in his heart. He acknowledges that he is waiting for her, when there is no realistic chance that she will return. 

The chorus sums up how he feels…that at night, his heart is suffering and his soul is hurting. And that it’s very difficult when you love someone, but you are now by yourself.