Što mi noći nemaju svanuća

Amir (Nikola) Rešić released this song in 1992 (music by Zoran Matić; lyrics by Dragan Brajović). Nikola passed away in 2007 at the young age of 43 but left his mark with many hit songs over 15 albums. 

This song follows a familiar theme…It deals with a spurned love and the resulting emotional trauma that he has to deal with. 

The song roughly translates: 

My nights have no dawn

The bars have become my home  

What’s most important to me tonight?  

Are those 2 eyes, those lying pearls  


You are in my head all night  

Where do I go, whom do I talk to?  

I don't have happiness, and I don't have hope  

Someone stole you from me  


My eyes are withering away from sadness  

From the long nights  

My eyes will see again  

Only if I can kiss your lips once more