Subotnje Večeri

This is an original composition (music and lyrics) by yours truly. 

The genesis of this song was inspired by reminiscing about the regular Saturday night dances that were held in most Serbian church halls throughout the USA and Canada during at least the 1950’s and onwards (probably much earlier as well but having a direct impact on me starting in the 1970’s). The Serbian hall was the place to go on Saturday nights to meet your friends and to have a good time dancing kolos (not to mention having the odd drink now and then). 

This was a shared experience amongst the Serbian youth and formed an integral part of our growing up – tying us invisibly to our Serbian churches, culture, and halls by getting together on a weekly basis to have fun…you didn’t need to go to other bars or cafés to have the best time. 

The song goes on to state the virtues of our Serbian Kolo…the crazy nights; the dust raising and the complete joy in dancing kolos. 

The chorus further expands on this by saying that Jazz is not for us - rather nothing else but a lively Serbian kolo which is never too fast, and never too loud. Everyone join in dancing the Kolo!