Boomerang Kolo

Sung by Angelina Račić and John Jovan Lukich  

Written by John Jovan Lukich and Angelina Račić 


This is the story of Simo in his quest for a djevojka. He finds a girl and thinks he is in love; later, he then questions that love; and finally he realizes she is not the girl for him so he dumps her. 

This story-kolo is made up of a number of parts: 

Opening Skit…the seljak, Simo, finds love in a café, in the form of a Beogradjanska named Lola - who seems impressed with his accordion. 
The kolo then starts and Simo begins to impress her 

The first song as part of the kolo, “Ja Sa Sela” begins at the point in their relationship where Simo thinks he loves Lola, but begins to wonder why someone like Lola would actually love someone like him? 

The last song in the kolo, “Just Because” is at the later point in their relationship where Simo realizes that Lola is not the girl for him (the lyrics describe why) so he wisely decides to dump her.